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Who we are

We are a Texas based company that has been in the finance business for many years. Over the years of dealing with bad vehicle loans, it has become harder to find and repo the vehicle. Even with GPS devices it is not easy to find all the vehicles. GPS devices go bad or get removed. When people move or hide the vehicle it becomes very difficult to find the vehicle with one or two people looking for it.

What we do

Simply put, our web and mobile apps facilitate the interaction between a company looking for a vehicle (and posting a reward) and the person tracking that vehicle. So, if you're looking for a vehicle that has had a reposession notice issued, instead of looking by yourself, you can post the vehicle with the reward and have all our members searching!

The history of the app

We put this program together because we know how hard it is to find a vehicle and how frustrating it can be to just wait and hope it will get picked up before it is totally destroyed by the borrower. How nice would it be to get people looking for the car as they walk through a parking lot or riding around town.

What makes people want to find your car for you is the reward you offer when you place a car in the system. The minimum reward is $100.00. You can place a larger reward on the vehicle to make it more tempting for people to watch a car when it is spotted.

When you enter a car in our system it becomes available for people to start looking for it. People will either take pictures of license plates or enter the plates or vin in our system manually. When a plate is entered, if our system finds a match the person who spotted the vehicle will see the vehicle details, the reward offered and how to get in touch with you or the repo agent you assigned to recover the vehicle. They will then send you a text, email or call letting you know where the car is. You will need to get their information so they can get paid when the car is picked up. It is up to you to get the vehicle secured. Our network will not repossess the vehicle for you.